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Financial Shock of Divorce After 50

Research finds that splitting up after age 50 can be far more damaging to emotional and financial health than divorcing at younger ages. Distribution of assets and allocation of support in a divorce settlement can have a major impact on your long-term future.

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Money-Related Conflicts and Divorce

Money-related issues frequently cited as reasons for divorce, including mismatched financial priorities, credit card debt, impulse purchases, financial infidelity, and loss of financial control, are often factors in how final divorce settlements are negotiated or determined in court.

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Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Bray Creech, a local financial planner with Joel Adams and Associates, recently wrote an article I enjoyed in the Asheville Citizen Times about divorce and Social Security benefits, specifically the potential advantages of receiving benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings record.

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Tax Law Changes and Divorce in 2019

Tax law changes went into effect on January 1 which will impact how separating spouses negotiate agreements in the new year. If you are separating from your spouse in 2019, it is important to talk with an experienced family law attorney and a tax expert about how the new law will affect you.

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Discovery: The fact-finding and investigative phase of your case

Discovery is a legal term used to describe various processes that may be used to investigate and discover facts relevant to your case.  After a lawsuit has been filed, your attorney can use discovery to obtain information and documentation to support or defend claims and investigate allegations asserted by either party.

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What to expect when a lawsuit has been filed In your domestic case

Buncombe County is currently one of 13 judicial districts in North Carolina that has a dedicated Family Court system within its District Court division. The primary advantages to filing a legal action in a Family Court district is that the case is assigned to one judge…

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Should I try to settle with my spouse or go to court and let a judge decide?

Once you have made formal arrangements to retain a divorce attorney, usually indicated by signing a fee agreement and paying any required retainers, your attorney will begin work on your legal matters.

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Choosing the right lawyer for your divorce

Going through a divorce that involves claims for child custody, child support, spousal support, and/or division of marital property and debts involves making difficult decisions that can impact your life for years to come.

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Loving our children unconditionally

Here is a piece by David Brooks, a social commentator that I appreciate.  His point is that our love for our children should not be conditioned upon their achievements.  The piece resonates for me as a parent, and as a professional advising parents in the process of separation and divorce.

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