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Equitable Distribution, Part 2: Factors and Local Rules

The assets and debts you receive through the equitable distribution process can lay the foundation for your post-divorce lifestyle and future financial security. There are many factors a judge in North Carolina may consider when distributing a marital estate between parties.

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Equitable Distribution, Part 1: Classifying Property

North Carolina uses a concept known as “equitable distribution” to divide property between divorcing spouses. There are four types of property that must be identified and classified as part of the equitable distribution process: marital property, separate property, mixed property and divisible property.

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Tax Law Changes and Divorce in 2019

Tax law changes went into effect on January 1 which will impact how separating spouses negotiate agreements in the new year. If you are separating from your spouse in 2019, it is important to talk with an experienced family law attorney and a tax expert about how the new law will affect you.

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