Justice through effective advocacy.


Our Approach

What makes us different? We listen, we understand, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your best possible outcome.

Siemens Family Law Group, located just minutes from downtown Asheville, has all the resources a client should expect: education, experience, and knowledge. However, we believe in providing more than these basics. To be truly effective, a law firm must dedicate itself to proactive communication. We believe that we serve our clients best by bringing our resources and communication skills together to work in harmony.

Principled Family Law Legal Services

Experience and practice have taught us that taking the high road in all circumstances pays dividends. Whether we are in the courtroom or the conference room, we seek to maintain positive relationships whenever possible.

We believe it is essential to take a principled approach to all legal services. We are honest with our clients, our colleagues, and with the courts. We take the rules of ethics seriously. We advocate within the bounds of ethics and the law. We also seek to expend all resources wisely to ensure good results and efficiency.


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