Justice through effective advocacy.


A Focus on Family Law

Siemens Family Law Group approaches each case with family law expertise accumulated over decades of experience. Select the practice areas below to learn more about how our experience and advice can be of service to you, no matter what your family law matter involves.



At Siemens Family Law Group, we limit our practice to family law. Every business day, we resolve legal issues for clients in the family law arena. The strength of our advice is drawn from repeated experience in conference rooms and courtrooms, in mediation, trial, and on appeal. When you share the facts of your case with us, we will apply our experience of the law, as we see it applied day after day, to provide you our best advice. Clients informed by our advice provide the testimonials and reviews you have likely read.  Request a consultation with us and we will show you what it means to have the advice of our legal counsel.  

Appellate Practice

Arguing before the North Carolina Court of Appeals and Supreme Court is an honor and a challenge we accept. Knowing from experience that victories at the trial level are sometimes challenged on appeal makes us better lawyers. We know that we need to build our cases on the best evidence.  We know that we need to craft orders and judgments that are carefully tied to that evidence.  It’s a process, like building a house on a solid foundation. On appeal, when we can show that careful process has been followed, we are most likely to receive the opinion we set out to achieve. Read more about what the appellate courts have to say about our work here.