Child custody disputes are one of the most acrimonious areas of family law. Ongoing hostility and disagreements between parents can lead to bitter and lengthy litigation. 

The attorneys at Siemens Family Law Group are experienced in handling child custody issues. We understand that custody disputes can be difficult and emotional for parents and children, and our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your children and your family. Custody issues can be resolved through agreements, mediation, and court intervention. We are experienced negotiators and skilled litigators, and while we like to see custody matters resolved outside of court when possible, we will help you understand your options and pursue your child’s best interests no matter which direction your case takes. 

Buncombe County’s 28th Judicial District has a dedicated family court which mandates custody mediation. We can help you prepare for your mandatory mediation session so that you best utilize the opportunity to make progress toward a custody resolution through mediation. Whether your custody matter is your primary concern, or one of many claims at issue in your case, the attorneys at Siemens Family Law Group will provide you with sound legal advice and serve as dedicated advocates for you and your children.

Siemens Family Law Group also handles adoptions in Buncombe County.

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