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Financial Shock of Divorce After 50

Research finds that splitting up after age 50 can be far more damaging to emotional and financial health than divorcing at younger ages. Distribution of assets and allocation of support in a divorce settlement can have a major impact on your long-term future.

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Why is Marital Standard of Living Important?

Judges evaluate marital standard of living to determine whether the alimony or child support a party is seeking is reasonable and necessary.  The expenses incurred by a dependent spouse seeking support should correlate with expenses incurred during the marriage for similar purposes. 

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Spousal Support, Part 2: Determining Alimony

How does a judge determine the amount and duration of an alimony award? One of the goals of alimony is to ensure that a dependent spouse has adequate resources to meet his or her needs in accordance with the standard of living established by the parties during their marriage.  

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