Money-Related Conflicts and Divorce

A recent Business Insider article outlines money-related issues frequently cited as reasons for divorce, including mismatched financial priorities, credit card debt, impulse purchases, financial infidelity, and loss of financial control. These common issues are often factors in how final settlements are negotiated or determined in court.

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If you are separating from your spouse, a family law attorney can help you map out your next steps and understand how money-related issues during your marriage may impact your divorce settlement.

If you are not yet married, a family law attorney can help you consider potential issues in advance and minimize money-related conflict during marriage through planning and preparing a thoughtful premarital agreement.

Browse our Family Law Blog for more resources on premarital agreements and separation and divorce, and read the full Business Insider article here: The 12 biggest money-related reasons people get divorced.


This article is intended for information purposes only and is not to be considered or substituted as legal advice. This article is based on North Carolina laws in effect at the time of posting.