Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Bray Creech, a local financial planner with Joel Adams and Associates, recently wrote an article I enjoyed in the Asheville Citizen Times about divorce and Social Security benefits, specifically the potential opportunity to receive benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings record.

Creech writes: “in addition to the emotional hardship brought on by a divorce, one’s personal financial situation often takes a hit as well… But there is a potential silver lining in an otherwise bad situation: You may be able to receive Social Security retirement benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings record, thus potentially increasing Social Security benefits over your lifetime.”

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The article outlines requirements and potential strategies for increasing Social Security retirement through divorced spousal benefits.

It is important to seek the help of professionals to navigate the financial aspects of divorce, including a financial advisor who can help you maximize your Social Security retirement benefit.

To learn more about maximizing benefits after divorce, read Bray Creech’s full article here: Divorce and social security benefits.


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