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Money-Related Conflicts and Divorce

Money-related issues frequently cited as reasons for divorce, including mismatched financial priorities, credit card debt, impulse purchases, financial infidelity, and loss of financial control, are often factors in how final divorce settlements are negotiated or determined in court.

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Why Should I Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?

Many people think of a prenuptial agreement as a legal document used by celebrities and wealthy individuals to protect their income and assets in the event of divorce. This may foster common misconceptions about prenuptial agreements.

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Jim Siemens argues before Court of Appeals in Sparta, NC

Jim Siemens traveled last week to the mountain town of Sparta, North Carolina to present an oral argument before the Court of Appeals. The argument was part of a special session celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NC Court of Appeals, holding a session of court in a hometown or county with a special connection for each judge. 

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