An Excellent Choice

"Having personally retained the services of Jim Siemens I can say he has earned his reputation as a preeminent family law practitioner in WNC. Jim evaluated my case honestly and cast a clear vision for how we would go about working with the other side to accomplish our goals. He was methodical in his considerations yet decisive in his actions on my behalf. He displayed the ability to be congenial to build consensus with the other side while still being insistent on points we couldn't, in good conscience, concede. If you are considering your options for representation, I encourage you to spend an hour with Jim. In the time with him you will clearly see a professional that not only knows what he is doing, but has the resolve to lead you through. My children's lives will be better because of the work Jim did. I won't ever be able to thank him [Jim Siemens] enough for that"

Posted by Anonymous