Jim Siemens is the attorney for best divorce and settlement outcome

"From the moment I first walked through the door at Siemens Family Law I knew I was in the right place. The office atmosphere was calm, caring and supportive. Jim listened and made sure we both understood all the aspects of what we were discussing. . He worked with me to settle my equitable distribution, and insisted I not do anything I was uncomfortable with. He pointed out things I overlooked and I clarified things I was unsure he understood. Jim Siemens worked for and with me to get the best possible distribution outcome. After years of attempts at reaching a distribution settlement with my ex, I was able to finally get a satisfactory settlement with Jim's counsel and end that chapter. Jim is a genuinely good man who conducts himself with honor and is there to get the best outcome for his client. He does not waste his client's time or money. I have recommended him to several people in need of great legal counsel because I feel he is the best."

Posted by Mary