Finding an Asheville divorce lawyer


Jim Siemens

Certified Family Law Specialist

If you are reading this entry, you are probably contemplating separation from your spouse.  Or maybe you have already done that.  You probably have questions about the law, and how the law applies to you.  You are likely under a tremendous amount of stress from the life changes you are experiencing.  You are looking for a lawyer to answer questions, to solve legal problems, and to provide wise counsel.


Finding the right divorce lawyer at this stage in your life is critical.  Take control of finding the right divorce lawyer in Asheville by following some of these tips.

  1. Interview divorce lawyers until you find someone you are confident understands you and understands your case.

  2. Ask yourself whether you like the lawyer you are meeting with. If you don’t feel that you have established a rapport with your lawyer during the initial consult, you may want to move on.

  3. Remember, if the lawyer you are consulting doesn’t stand out to you, chances are your lawyer is not going to stand out to the opposing party, or the Court.

  4. When you interview divorce lawyers, assess whether they have time for you and your case. Too much time is a bad sign. Too little time can also be a problem. Your divorce lawyer is working for you, ask if they can commit to provide you the time and attention you deserve.

  5. Pay attention to your divorce lawyer’s office. Do you get the impression that the office is organized? Is the atmosphere professional? Is attention paid to confidentiality? Do you get the sense that office staff is happy and ready to serve you? If your answer to any of those questions is no, you may want to move on.

  6. Being a divorce lawyer is hard work. But that doesn’t excuse your lawyer from explaining what he or she is doing for you, in as much detail as you desire. Your lawyer should be able to articulate a strategy to achieve your goals, at every step of the process. Your lawyer should be able to demonstrate competence under pressure.

  7. Determine how your divorce lawyer is going to communicate. Some divorce lawyers in Asheville still don’t use email. Some don’t have smart phones. Being able to communicate with your lawyer is going to be important. Determine how that will happen. Determine how quickly the divorce lawyer you are going to hire can return your call or email.

These seven tips should empower you to choose your Divorce Lawyer in Asheville.  Make the right choice at the outset.