"Words will never express our gratitude to this fine lady. Throughout our entire case, she is by far the most professional, compassionate and informative lawyer my husband and I have ever encountered. We initiated a custody case in January of 2010 and had hired six previous lawyers in states of NC and GA (including a guardian ad litem) to represent us in a most highly complicated custody and abuse issue. After spending countless thousands of dollars to no avail and much hardship to our entire family for over four years, we were blessed to have Brenda Coppede enter our lives. We were recommended by another lawyer in the NC community to Siemens Law Group when we had almost lost all hope and we can honestly say that if it were not for this firm, we would still fighting for custody today. Siemens Law Group is highly recommended to the utmost. There is much knowledge and expertise in focusing on the client and having the strong desire of ensuring that justice is served. Every lawyer that we had hired, each and everyone said that it could not be done due to a highly complicated case. One of the biggest issues was being grandparents, since it is known that not many grandparents are granted custody of their grandchildren. On top of this, emergency ex partes are not often given in the state of NC. However, Brenda made everything happen, giving us a sense of security, hope, and her kind words of support to lessen our highly stressful situation. Brenda was on the same page as us and knew exactly what steps needed to be taken, and always thought out the procedure way ahead of time to ensure that a positive result would occur. She was extremely trustworthy, and was always on our side never making us hesitant in that we had made the wrong decision in hiring her........she always listened with attentiveness and compassion and would respond quickly whenever there were deep concerns or upcoming issues. She is extremely honest, has great expertise and dedication and strongly believes in what she stands for. We are honored to have had her in our lives. If it were not for Brenda, these two children's lives would have not been saved and it would have been total devastation to our family. This was not just an ordinary custody issue as to which party gets the children from a regular divorce;this is an issue of severe corporal punishment and exposure to pornography. She took all of the appropriate steps and procedures in gathering the important witnesses to support the case. She did everything with such responsibility and grace and we will never forget her for what she has done. She is highly intelligent, dedicated, professional in every sense of the word and is an ICON of what a lawyer should represent. We love you Brenda........everything that has been said is straight from the heart....."

-Posted by Natalia