The Best Attorney and Family Law Practice in Asheville

"Jim Siemens was my divorce attorney. My father was an attorney and I grew up among attorneys so I am familiar with their practices and principles, both good and bad. At my initial meeting with Jim Siemens, it took me 20 seconds to realize I was in great hands. Jim is one of the smartest men I have ever met. His his support team of associates and assistants is phenomenal - they exceeded all of my expectations. Jim does not waste time, overbill or engage in unnecessary, hurtful legal games. He guided me through the divorce process very methodically to ensure the safety of my children. With an inordinately well-crafted, practical approach at problem solving, he realistically manages expectations and makes your children's best needs his top priority. My case was very unusual, and how he got results for my children and me was, in short, brilliant. His firm also provided me with value-added services which enabled me to transition through a divorce into a new life in Asheville. I received invaluable legal guidance in helping me deal with a parent with dementia and top shelf estate planning. I trust Jim Siemens implicitly and will continue to use his firm with future legal needs."

Posted by Caroline