Five Stars for Jim Siemens and his staff (unless there is a higher rating and then I'd give them that rating)

"(quoting from a letter I sent Jim after the divorce was final & the equitable distribution had been completed)

"Just got off the phone with Lorey and was complimenting her on the fantastic job she does. 

It was then that I realized that I should brag on her performance to you as well. Throughout this process your staff and associates have ALL excelled in their job performance. I compliment them all but since I have communicated most frequently with Lorey, the vast majority of the praise is for her. She and they have always been attentive, polite, considerate, competent, quick and proficient with their responses and extremely professional. Lorey is also articulate, gracious and thoughtful.

As an independent businessman I have learned one of the most difficult challenges of an employer is to surround himself with well trained, intelligent and caring staff. If that can be done the other aspects of daily operation seem to move soooo much easier. You have done an excellent job of selecting and training great co-workers.

Congratulations to you for that. And as I said at he mediation table, I feel that I was surrounded by the A-team. It was a good memory during a bad time of life to be able to work with such a great team. Please convey to each and every one involved on my behalf an extra measure of appreciation. Great job."

An additional insight into this job performance by Jim Siemens and his fantastic staff would be that I was at their practice only AFTER hiring another attorney who had taken a year and a half, several trips to the courthouse, several days off from my work, spent way too much money only to discover that I was making no progress and finally admitting I had made a mistake and initially chosen a (trying not to be mean) less than stellar attorney.

I would give Jim Siemens and his team the highest possible evaluation and would not hesitate to recommend them."

Posted by Steve