An excellent advocate for his clients and for peaceful outcomes

"Jim has all the things you hope to find in an attorney: a sharp mind, extensive courtroom experience, and personal integrity. To these credentials he adds the rare art of careful listening. 

By the time I walked into his office for our first meeting, my ex-husband's behavior had become erratic, and I worried he would abuse my financial dependency to his advantage. In the first ten minutes of the consultation, I knew I wanted Jim on my side. I had the sense he was looking at my case as a matrix of potential outcomes that were as dependent on human behavior and psychology as they were on legal action.

He advised an aggressive approach that left me at the helm and immediately ended the threat of harassment, financial or otherwise. As the case evolved, however, he recommended mediation as opposed to litigation. Looking back, both were strategic moves made in direct response to my individual circumstances. Beginning the process on my terms empowered me emotionally; the peaceful mediation protected me financially. At the negotiating table, Jim was an excellent advocate. We walked away with a settlement that provided the alimony I needed to rebuild my life and to take professional leaps that would have otherwise felt too risky.

Jim always communicated clearly. His staff was helpful and kind. Lorey, in particular, was quick to answer to my emails. She was responsive but efficient, which helped keep my legal fees reasonable. 

When my ex-husband left, I felt like I'd been dropped in the wilderness blindfolded. Thankfully, what was foreign to me was a familiar (if still ugly) landscape to Jim. He had the long view. He'd memorized the map. He pointed me to the shortest, surest route and for that he has my highest recommendation."

Posted by Anonymous