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"Short headline: I am a guy and I got the house, maintained my financial standard of living, and got primary custody of the kids.

Jim has represented me over a few years with actions including mediations, and a custody trial. Jim is thoughtful, careful, methodical, and truthful. In our custody trial we were up against a defendant who was extremely calculating and planned out her entire life around trying to malign and alienate me from my boys. The defendant had set traps for me and engineered no-win situations non-stop for two years leading up the trial and played the victim effectively enough to manipulate even seasoned mental health professionals to her advantage. We were absolutely in the right, but it was an extremely difficult case to prove. Jim took the time to trudge through the backstory with me, to exhaustively pour over evidence, and to listen to me put the flex points of the case into perspective. He found the handles, the leverage in the case and crafted a clearly understandable and winning message to communicate with the court.

At the conclusion of testimony, he delivered a closing argument which so clearly explained the aspects of the case and so effectively tied our points to incontrovertible evidence that opposing counsel was unable to respond with a coherent counter argument in their closing. The judge ruled in our favor without further deliberation.

Beyond his best of breed trial skills, Jim has the depth of knowledge to help you navigate the entirety of the process. He will help you put your situation in context, find the best approach given the circumstance, and keep you moving forward.

You may be regretting some of your life decisions and this process can be painful and draining. Hiring Jim means your story will be clearly understood by the courts, your interests will be fiercely represented, and your life will begin again sooner than you think."

Posted by Anonymous