Talented, intelligent, and dependable.

"I hired Brenda last year based on her ratings on this website and a couple others. Searching for a lawyer is hard, even when you live in the same town as the case. I however live in California. I spoke to several law firms and read countless lawyer reviews before settling confidentiality with Ms. Coppede.
Right from the start she was straight up with me. She didn't try to blind me with false hope nor say something and not follow through. Ms. Coppede was everything I had hoped she would be. She's on time, prepared, organized, level headed and I do not believe another lawyer could have produced the results she has. We won, she was excellent in trial, and it was obvious that nearly everyone we encountered in and around the courthouse has respect for her. Even the judge. Brenda Coppede is a great lawyer. You will be in good hands. Oh, and she has a great vocabulary.... Thank you again Brenda!"

-Posted by Josh