A Ray of Hope

"I had a very difficult emotionally and complicated divorce. My Ex was in the wrong, and turned out to be a narcissist. She tried to sink me, my reputation, and my business that I worked incredibly hard for. Despite my life falling apart and becoming self-destructive in the loss of hope I was feeling, Brenda went above and beyond to help me, consult me, comfort me, and was the strong voice that pushed me to persevere. She became a ray of hope and a friend throughout the long process and court proceedings. Brenda is an incredibly bright, strong, professional and forceful woman and lawyer who is also compassionate and down to earth. She helped me win duel custody of my son, my business, and gave me my life back. Three years later, my business has grown dramatically, my son is doing amazing, I have been given back my reputation, and I am very happy and finally at peace. I am forever in debt to Brenda, and grateful to have found such a wonderful person at a time when I truly needed it."

-Posted by Tim