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Thank you for choosing our firm for consultation. Below you will find our online client consultation form. Before filling the form out please review the following information:

If you have not already done so, please visit our website and blog at for more helpful family law information.   If we decide to accept your case after consultation, we will prepare a written employment agreement that establishes the scope and terms of our representation.

Your consultation with us is confidential and will preclude us from representing the opposing party.  We discourage the attendance of friends and family at your initial consultation with us in order to preserve attorney/client privilege and to avoid distraction.

We hope what you learn in consultation with us will be valuable to you.  We encourage you to complete the client information form in advance of consultation.  Please be aware, however, that submitting the information form alone does not establish an attorney/client relationship and does not require us to take any action.  The attorney/client relationship is only formed after you have engaged the firm and consulted personally with one of our attorneys.


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